PowerFlex X

Introducing PowerFlex's revolutionary way to control, monitor, and co-optimize solar, battery storage, EV charging, and microgrid systems: PowerFlex X

PowerFlex X consists of four products that seamlessly work together to help clients manage their onsite energy portfolio:  

  • Cortex, an intelligent system of algorithms that enables the continuous monitoring and optimization of all energy asset operations 

  • Nexus, the hardware that connects the onsite systems to the central platform 

  • Exact, a modeling tool that forecasts the system’s impact on utility bills and carbon emission reductions 

  • Axcess, our single sign-in portal that allows customers to view their distributed energy resources all in one place  

With PowerFlex X, customers gain a holistic view of their onsite energy assets with unprecedented transparency and ease of reporting. To learn more about the platform, including a free demo, complete the form and a member of our team will reach out.

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